Copyright Registration 

Philip A. Nicolosi assists businesses identify materials that are protectable by copyright, register copyrightable works with the United States Copyright Office, and guides his clients on the various ways in which copyrights may be acquired, protected, and exploited. The creator of a work eligible for copyright protection is vested with a number of exclusive rights when copyright protection arises. Copyrights automatically arise to original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression. This may include literary works, drawings, paintings, sculptures, movies, music, video games, other works of art, and computer software. But, the U.S. Supreme Court has recently clarified that U.S. copyright registration is required before a federal infringement lawsuit may be commenced by a copyright holder (Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation v. Further, When copyrights are registered prior to infringement (or within three months after publication of the work), a copyright owner becomes eligible for an award of statutory damages-which may be extremely valuable due to the difficulty in proving actual copyright infringement damages.

Copyright Works Removal/Infringement

Our firm assists copyright holders remove their unauthorized creative works from websites and other online mediums. This my include Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take-down requests or further steps to escalate efforts to remove our client’s content. We have assisted numerous clients with removing the unauthorized display of single works or multiple works, ranging from simple DMCA take-down requests to more complex investigation actions and working with appropriate litigation counsel where appropriate. This often includes investigating the identity of infringing website operators using privately registered domains and reverse proxy services masking the host provider. We have also worked closely with International law firms including Leydig Voit & Mayer Ltd. when our clients have required a presence in the European Union to help them enforce their copyrights abroad.

Philip A. Nicolosi and his staff possess the necessary experience and knowledge to effectively and efficiently help copyright holders protect their rights.

DMCA Designated Agent Services

The DMCA which is part of U.S. copyright law, provides a framework for online service providers for avoiding copyright infringement based on the acts of the Internet service provider’s users. Our law firm helps protect hundreds of businesses and website operators take advantage of the DMCA safe harbor by designating a third-party DMCA agent. Using a third-party agent means that take-down related communications are made through the contact information listed publicly for your designated agent. This avoids individual agent contact information from being displayed publicly. Designating a DMCA agent is required by law in order for ISPs to obtain safe-harbor immunity against claims of copyright infringement. Learn more about this service.