A Committed Partner To Startups & Small Businesses

We help startups and small to medium sized businesses avoid costly mistakes so the law doesn’t become an obstacle to their growth. We do this for both traditional brick & mortar and Internet-based businesses. While business and transactions law forms the core of our legal services, we possess a keen understanding of the technology-driven & e-commerce issues that many of today’s businesses face. Simply put, we understand how to help protect our clients from liability across the entire commercial spectrum.

Our Fee Structure

Our unique fee structure is specifically geared for our business clients. Offering flat-fee business organization, trademark registration and custom website legal agreements are just some of the ways in which we try to offer an affordable fee structure. We also offer a tiered fee structure including bulk rate billing at a lower hourly rate for clients that need more than occasional legal representation.

Avoiding costly mistakes is a key concern for every business and for good reason. But, when legal fees significantly hurt a business’s bottom line, the ends may not justify the means.

We offer payment options through our client web portal using PayPal or by credit card payment, and we now also accept payments in bitcoin and litecoin.