You’ve worked hard to establish your business’s identity and “brand.”  Now why not protect it?

Registration of trademarks or service marks identifying your business or the products and services offered by your business can be an essential step ensuring success in the market place. As with many other companies, consumers can readily identify the goods and services of a particular business by becoming familiar with an established business name, symbol or slogan. Over time, successful businesses can effectively market and sell other products and services much more easily by virtue of familiarity with an established name or other identifying mark.

The trademark and service mark was created to protect the consumer from fraudulent business operators who would market an inferior product or offer an inferior service under the more popular name of another business. Customers would buy the inferior product or service thinking they were buying the “real” thing. 

Protecting your trademark or service mark is in the best interests of your business. Registering your mark isn’t necessarily as easy as what some online vendors, who are not legal professionals, may boast. For instance, not all marks are eligible for registration. By using the services of a qualified, Illinois-licensed attorney, you can rest assure that registration of your trademark or service mark will be done with the proper evaluation, care and attention to legal detail.

We’ll save you time and money and provide you with the comfort of knowing your registration will be done right!